Kenworth Aerodyne ,,Papa truck,,




Kenworth Aerodyne ,,Papa truck,,


This 1/25 Scale, skill level 3 kit excited builders back in the day, and is now “in the works” to make an encore appearance in just a few short months!

With a “few” meaning around December, if all goes well.

Regardless, the Papa Truck is on the way, and as usual, the KATS here at AMT have added a few extra tasty upgrades to make it well worth your while.

For starters, the Papa Truck features all of its original, super-detailed Kenworth truck tooling.

In addition, builders will find 10 pad printed tires (to spice up their builds), PLUS a large decal sheet with improved graphics — including: extended exterior stripes that now wrap around the back of the cab, more accurate colors/details, and ALL NEW interior cab stripes. 

To top it off, this delicious kit comes wrapped up in retro-styled packaging featuring authentic photos!

So, to all the builders out there that already have the Super Boss, get ready,

cause the Papa Truck is right around the bend! 

Scale 1:25


Nu op voorraad !