AEC Mandator (Ergomatic cab) cabin kit ( cabinekit )




AEC Mandator (Ergomatic cab) cabin kit.

The ex Kingdom Trucks cab now sits on any Italeri Volvo F12/16/FH chassis.

The decal set has been enlarged & improved from the original version shown here.

A chassis catwalk is now included, plus transverse exhaust & down pipe & an external radiator header tank for slightly later models.

32 parts in polyurethane resin.

31 parts in white-metal & 29 parts in photo-etch nickel silver.

Includes optional badging for AEC, Albion & Leyland – Mandator, Mammoth, Marshal, Mercury, Comet, Octopus & Beaver & Super. Glazing, chrome bezel headlights, waterslide decals & full instructions supplied.


Only cabin , no chassis and wheels.

Scale 1:24